- Coming back from Italy, after photographing stunning archaeological pieces at the National Museum of Naples. Production of a main story regarding Roman Antiquity for the National Geographic magazine. Feature story published this year.

- Photographing the restauration of archaeological pieces discovered in the South of France for INRAP (National Institut of Archaeological Research - Ministry of Culture).

- Contract from the Religious and Sacred art museum to photograph pieces of its collection. Pont-Saint-Esprit, France.

- Commissionned to photograph the Roman monuments in the city of Nîmes-France for the archaeological association Urbs Antiqua.

- Commissionned since 2014 to photograph the large collections of the Arles archaeological museum, first Roman antiquity museum in France after Le Louvre. 

- Photographying since 3 years the complete restauration of the Museon Arlaten in Arles, the sole ethnographic museum dedicated to the Provencal Culture in France. Opening planned after the Covid crisis.


- Photographing a visual at the Musée de l'Homme in Paris for the National Geographic. Publication next month.

- Drone pictures in Tunisia for the National Geographic magazine.

- Assignment from the French Institute of Archaeological Research to cover a discovery in the amphitheater of Nîmes.

- Attending last January the National Geographic Storytellers Summit in Washington DC and its magazines photographers annual meeting.

- A major story regarding the origins of Europe and the First Europeans for the Geographic was published in the 2019 August issue and its numerous foreign languages editions. This challenging assignment began in 2016 for more than two years with a production made in 10 countries (link). It follows a story regarding the recovery and the restauration of a gigantic Roman boat discovered in the depth of the Rhone River (2014 - link).

STUDIO ATLANTIS provides the highest quality photography for the valorization of archaeological materials, historical sites and Natural science. The photographer's activity is essentially focused on working with museum institutions, national and regional administrations, Foundations and restoration laboratories in the Mediterranean Basin.

Rémi Bénali began his career in 1989 after receiving a Law Degree and was one of the youngest staff photojournalists at the Gamma Press Agency, with whom he collaborated for twelve years, including more than three years as a Foreign Press Correspondent based in the States. Coming from multicultural origins, it was a natural choice for him to specialize in the history and diversity of civilizations, to be attached for roots, traditions and cultural memory. His personal work depicts abstract images created by the passing of time. He has been the recipient of several photographic awards, such as a Picture Of the Year in Natural History and his work has been published by leading publications throughout the world such as Time, LIFE, Newsweek, Vanity Fair, Paris Match, Stern, El Mundo or the magazines Geo. Remi is now a regular contributing photographer to the magazine National Geographic.

The photographer holds a dynamic regard on the sciences of the past, bringing a cinematic approach to his images of architectural heritage as well as in shaping light amidst the elegant shadows of the studio. His experience in covering over 80 countries allows for a reporter's connection and the ability to express a vitality with his subjects in the field. He use the best of current technology to create contemporary visuals that reflect a continually evolving science.





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